Frequently Asked Questions about a Virtual Partner


 Frequently Asked Questions including Pricing and Comparison Packages

  1. What is a Virtual Partner?
  2. How does a Virtual Partner Differ from a Legal Business Partner, a Life/Business Coach or a Virtual Assistant?
  3. In what areas can I use a Virtual Partner?
  4. How do I know whether a Virtual Partner is right for me?
  5. Who can work with a Virtual Partner?
  6. What does working with a Virtual Partner entail?
  7. Is there an application or screening process?
  8. What is the investment to collaborate with a Virtual Partner? 
  9. Which Virtual Partner Package is right for me?
  10. I'm very interested in having a Virtual Partner. Do you have a payment plan?
  11. What results can I expect?
  12. Can I share my sessions?


What is a Virtual Partner?

A Virtual Partner is a leader, mentor and supportive who is committed to you realizing your vision. A Virtual Partner is a personal relationship and designed-by-you experience. When you've decided what may be missing in your business, your Virtual Partner steps in to help fill those gaps. Need someone to Brainstorm with? Share the workload? Train your Team? Your Partner is diverse and can support you in a myriad of business / personal areas. Your Virtual Partner is a committed listener/confidante, a hands-on contemporary and an advocate/cheerleader for your success. 

Your Virtual Partner learns your pace and works holistically. 

Your Partner is someone you can share anything and everything with. There are no boundaries for topics. 

How does a Virtual Partner Differ from a Legal Business Partner, a Life/Business Coach or a Virtual Assistant?

All three of the options below are important support systems. Your Virtual Partner can be a replacement for any of the following. Use your inner guidance to choose the support system that's ideal for you:

Business Partner: Typically, a business partner is someone you share control of your business with including shared profits. The benefits of a Business partner are that they are often full-time contributors to your business. Conversely, some choose to end their business partner relations due to imbalance and it could be costly to dissolve the partnership. If you choose to have a business partner, take your time and choose them the way you would choose a partner in life. (since you will most likely be spending as much time together if not more) 

The benefits of choosing a Virtual Partner over a Business Partner is that you get to keep all your profits and control. The relationship is not legally bound and can be terminated at any time. 

Life/Business Coach: The role of a Life or Business Coach tends to be more authoritative. Typically, you are bound to accountability and performance. As a business coach for many years, I have discovered that most of my clients prefer more of a partner due to the pleasurable feeling of working with a contemporary and friend. Their productivity still accelerates but at their pace and comfort level. And we have more fun!

Virtual Assistant: What would we do without Virtual Assistants? Their value is immeasurable for the entrepreneur. They take on the necessary tasks to have your business run smoothly while you get to do what you do best. 

Many of my clients contact me after they have failed at hiring a Virtual Assistant. The reason is, they don't have a good enough handle on their business to be able to turn it over. Either they are not able to articulate what they need, don't have the time to train them or don't have a clear model and structure to determine the best use of their prospective V.A. Not only have I witnessed the frustration from the side of the entrepreneur but from the V.A. themselves who are eager to please but very unclear of their direction. 

That's where your Virtual Partner comes in. Your partner would LOVE for you to have a V.A. Therefore, if you desire, together we can prepare properly for your V.A. to work efficiently, effectively as well as independently.   

In what areas can I use a Virtual Partner?

From personal to business situations, your Virtual Partner Sessions can be as diverse as you are, focusing on any or all of the following:

  • Brainstorming and Masterminding
  • Systematizing and Automating your business
  • Planning, Budgeting and Goal Setting
  • Integrating and Balancing Life and Business
  • Relationships and Communication
  • Troubleshooting Business and Personal Situations
  • Transforming Difficult Situations
  • Motivation, Inspiration, and Guidance
  • Training, Developing and Managing Staff, Team or Assistants.
  • Prioritizing Actions and Projects
  • Connecting and Aligning with Authentic Visions and Life's Work
  • Creating Harmony in the Workplace
  • Managing and Marketing Strategies
  • Social Media Implementation and Automation
  • MindMapping (Visual Business Plan)
  • Sales, Negotiations and Objection Handling Techniques
  • Open an Online Store
  • Product Development
  • Oversee Business while you are Away
  • Prepare for a Virtual Assistant
  • Confidante, Committed listener, Friend
  • Yes, there's more, just ask!

How do I know whether a Virtual Partner is right for me?

If you got goosebumps when you heard the term Virtual Partner, then chances are you're ready! Besides that, if you are looking for a more well-rounded relationship and someone to share any or all facets of your business with, then this may be the right way to go. While this isn't a legal and life-long commitment, a Virtual Partner is a very personal and private experience. Therefore it is recommended that you speak to your Prospective Partner to discover if there is a true connection. Schedule a complimentary conversation (preferably a video call) to get your questions answered and make a more informed decision. 

Who can work with a Virtual Partner?

Most of my clients are Women Entrepreneurs because I am one and I attract them. However, I do appreciate and work with many male clients.  I work with Coaches, Authors, Small Business Owners (local and online). As a life-long entrepreneur, I've been in both white and blue-collar industries as well alternative and holistic. I'm well versed in many industries. It's about who connects with me. 

I help partners work with dignity and age appropriateness. I work with many partners 50 and over, some who have friends about to retire and they want to be able to co-exist in their world. Whether my partner chooses to or needs to continue working at any age, it's important they feel a sense of pride and confidence in their success working at an age-appropriate pace. 

So, if you are an active Baby Boomer, Starting over Senior, a Senior-preneur who loves to work while traveling or just trying out a new gig for yourself, then consider taking on a partner to make it easier and more fun!

What does working with a Virtual Partner entail?

Sessions are 60 minutes and can be used individually or combined. Sessions are weekly, preferably via video (Zoom), but not mandatory. Once you are registered, You will receive a welcome packet and be given access to a private client area where you can enjoy supportive material and documents, communicate with your Virtual Partner as well as view appointments, and billing information. 

Working with a Virtual Partner varies for each individual.  The focus of the call is determined by you. Your Partner helps you solve problems and create opportunities, offering advice, guidance, helping you strategize and celebrate your achievements.  

Is there an application or screening process?

At this time, there is no application or screening. All that is required is to have a complimentary conversation which determines compatibility. There is, however,  a limit to the availability of Virtual Partner sessions so there may be a waiting list. 

What is the investment to collaborate with a Virtual Partner? 

'Investment' is the keyword. Consider how much you'd have to pay a partner if you profited just $50,000 per year. With a Virtual Partner, you pay a fraction of what a legal partner might earn while receiving a wealth of support and resources. With that said, the investment on your part depends on the level of partnership you are looking for. Some prefer a Virtual Partner to complete short-term projects while others are committed to reaping the savings and benefits of a Virtual Partner for years. Prices vary depending on the package chosen. Learn more about pricing.

Which Virtual Partner Package is right for me?

Every person and their situation is different. Some are in for the long-term feel-like-I-have-a-partner experience, which provides the most benefit. Therefore, they invest in the package with the most savings (up to 55% off) Take a look at our Virtual Partner Comparison Chart to find the best choice for you. 

I'm very interested in having a Virtual Partner. Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, we have a 3 payment plan option for many of our packages. See our Virtual Partner Comparison Chart

What results can I expect?

Your Virtual Partner is here to alleviate stress, overwhelm and frustration. The feeling of not bearing the entire burden of your business allows for more freedom in your life along with a sense of accomplishment knowing projects are getting done. Expect to feel relief, satisfaction, fulfillment, and accelerated feelings of appreciation for your business.

Can I share my sessions?

Virtual Partner Groups are available for up to 4 participants. These 4 partners will preferably have similar values for added benefits and could be colleagues or team members. If you would be interested in Virtual Partner Groups and need to be connected with other interested participants please contact me. 

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