Virtual Partner 52 Group Sessions Details (Up to 4 people)


52 Virtual Partner Group Sessions - The perfect package for:

  •  The entrepreneur who wants to take advantage of the Virtual Partner Experience with the multisession discounted rate. 
  • The entrepreneur who enjoys the power of a small group dynamics
  • Those who have their own team and want to include them in the Virtual Partner experience
  • The entrepreneur on a budget who wants the best-valued package
  • Those who believe a group fuels community shared resources and accelerated enthusiasm
  • Those ready to fully take on their business to achieve maximum results
  • Those who want to take advantage of the bonus Monthly marketing 

Benefits of this package:

  • Save $6500 off per session price
  • 100% off all additional Thrive Any Way products during your partnership period
  • Courage, Risks, and Rewards Self Paced Adventure ($297 Value)
  • 3 Payment Plan Option

*More about Virtual Partner Groups

  • Cost is $5200 for 52 Sessions based on 1- 4 people (divided equally among partners)
  • If the group is shy of 4 Partners and agrees, a new partner can join later and pay a prorated amount
  • Additional Partners above 4 can be added at $1250 per Partner


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3 Payment Plan Option - Pay $1783 today and $1783 for 2 months

Virtual Partner sessions are designed for Personalized focused support to target your area of need.

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About your session:

Each session time is agreed upon as a group and will be via a video call (Zoom

Once you've purchased your package, you will receive a welcome package via email with all necessary instructions, including where you can schedule your first session and access your private client area.