Virtual Partner - The Personal Side


The Personal Side of Having a Virtual Partner


This page is an addendum to the Virtual Partner page which is focused mostly on business and life balance. However, there are those who are not in business or don't need business support yet still look for a Virtual Partner in their life. This page is dedicated to those people.

As a Life and Business Coach for several years, I notice that many people feel as though they only need a coach if they have a To-Do list to get through. This is why I chose to become a Virtual Partner because this is not always the case. Many people, both men, and women just need a person to talk to, share with, and receive love and friendship from.

Your Virtual Partner blends all aspects of your life so that whatever the situation at hand may be, is what gets discussed. Not because it's on the agenda, or you are accountable or you made a commitment, but because Life happens and it's important to roll with it. 

The Personal Side of a Virtual Partner looks like any of the following:

  • Everything is fine in business but you need a confidante
  • As you age, you are feeling less than, outdated or out of touch with the younger generation and want to feel better about it
  • You would like to transition into your own greatness at this age
  • You are looking to build self-confidence
  • You do not have a partner or you have a partner who is not as supportive as you require
  • You would like to date or find a companion
  • You don't want to trouble friends and family with your personal life but really need an outlet
  • You give so much and would love for someone to contribute to you
  • You feel alone, even when you are around others
  • You want to create balance by talking about life and business
  • You don't know exactly WHAT you want or need but feeling unfulfilled 
  • Looking for a Casual, Friendly and Warm relationship with someone who genuinely cares and has no agenda but to be there with you and for you
  • You'd like to discuss spirituality, personal development and life in general on a higher, more evolved level



If any of these situations resonate with you then having a Virtual Partner may be your solution. Some come for a day and others stay for years. It's all about what you need. Take a look at our FAQ's and Comparison Payment Chart to see which package works for you. And then let's get started!


* Please note that your Virtual Partner is not a therapist. Consult a licensed mental health practitioner if you require more support than what is mentioned here.