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Product YouTube Optimization Report PRO with Two-Hour Private Zoom Session

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By purchasing this YouTube Optimization PRO, you will be entitled to 2 additional hours of a one-on-one hands-on optimization session with Fran Asaro - taking your evaluation to the next level by implementing the suggestions presented in your report. 

PLUS, you will receive a One year membership to the Senior Tuber Circle /Learners Level - ($150 value)

You will receive an evaluation and recommendations to optimize your channel and one pre-selected video for maximum results 

This Report is For You If:

  • You have an existing YouTube Channel and at least one uploaded video
  • You want to learn how to achieve better results by maximizing the Best Practices for a Successful Channel
  • You want to reach a larger audience 
  • You want to teach your team how to optimize your YouTube Channel (your team is invited to attend the Zoom Report Review Session)

This Report Includes:

  • An extensive review
  • An executive summary for results at a glance
  • An in-depth ebook containing the description of each feature for optimization
  • A list of resources to help you streamline your channel
  • Two additional 60-minute Zoom Calls with Fran Asaro to move beyond your initial Optimization Report Review and begin implementing recommended changes. (this is a recorded call) 

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